Breast Augmentation


Discover a renewed sense of confidence and embrace your ideal feminine contours with breast augmentation at Phoenix Plastic Surgery. Dr. Roni Prucz MD, a renowned plastic surgeon in Scottsdale and Phoenix with a foundation in engineering, offers a blend of surgical artistry and precision that will redefine your self-image and empower your beauty.

The Perfect Fusion: Surgical Artistry and Engineering Mastery

Drawing from a background that marries dual engineering degrees from Duke University and a prestigious medical degree from Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Prucz’s approach is a testament to the harmony between surgical artistry and engineering finesse. At Phoenix Plastic Surgery, this fusion guides every procedure, guaranteeing exceptional results.

Breast Augmentation: Customized Beauty at Its Best

Breast augmentation is a transformative procedure that enhances the size, shape, and symmetry of your breasts. Dr. Prucz’s approach prioritizes your unique aesthetic goals and anatomy, ensuring that each augmentation journey is tailored to achieve results that align perfectly with your vision.

The Ultimate in Cohesivity: Preventing Rippling and Distortion:

At Phoenix Plastic Surgery, we utilize breast implants with the highest cohesivity. This advanced technology minimizes the risk of rippling, ensuring a smooth and natural appearance. Dr. Prucz’s subfascial technique takes breast augmentation a step further, preventing distortion of the pectoralis muscle and animation deformity that can occur with other methods. This meticulous approach not only enhances aesthetics but also guarantees your implants will maintain their position over time.

Subfascial Technique: The Secret to Rippling Prevention:

The subfascial technique places the implants beneath the fascia, a strong layer of tissue that adds an additional layer of coverage. This approach minimizes the risk of rippling while providing enhanced support for the implants, creating a more stable and natural-looking result. Your augmented breasts will move and feel natural, instilling a sense of confidence that lasts.

Unmatched Warranty for Your Peace of Mind:

At Phoenix Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. Our breast implants come with the best warranty in the industry offering you unmatched protection and confidence in your investment.

Elevate Your Confidence Today:

Ready to elevate your confidence and embrace your ideal silhouette? Dr. Roni Prucz MD invites you to experience the transformative power of breast augmentation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on a journey toward beauty, self-assurance, and a newfound sense of empowerment. Click here to schedule your consultation now!

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Related Procedures


Botched Surgery Correction

Surgical mistakes and misadventures happen.  We specialize in the reconstruction of these complex cases.
Cosmetic Reconstructive

Breast Implant Removal

Breast implants are removed for a variety of reasons including infection, capsular contracture, and implant sickness syndrome.  Depending on the clinical scenario the breast implant may be replaced.
Reconstructive Cosmetic

Breast Implant Illness

Breast Implant Illness, also known as Breast Implant Sickness Syndrome, is a complex phenomenon that some individuals may experience. It involves a range of symptoms, including fatigue, joint pain, memory issues, and more. Treatment requires breast implant removal.
Cosmetic Reconstructive

Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is when a silicone or saline implant is placed beneath the breast tissue or the pectoral muscle to improve the size and shape of a breast.  Breast implants are also used for breast reconstruction.

Breast Lift

During a breast lift (i.e. mastopexy) procedure droopy nipples (i.e. breast ptosis) and deflated breasts are reshaped to create a more perky appearance.  This procedure is similar to a breast reduction although minimal breast tissue is removed.  A mastopexy is also commonly performed after breast implant removal to remove excess skin.

Breast Reconstruction

After lumpectomy (i.e. partial breast removal) or mastectomy (total breast removal) for the treatment of breast cancer there are many options available for reconstruction.  These options include breast implants, local muscle flap (i.e. latissimus muscle), and free tissue transfer (i.e. microsurgery/DIEP).  Please click the specific procedures to learn about each of these options.

Breast Reduction

Large pendulous breasts can cause a variety of issues such as back pain, bra strap gouging, and skin rashes.  Our team can remove the extra breast tissue to create a more natural appearance with placement of the nipple in the correct position.
Cosmetic Reconstructive

Breast Revision

Breast surgeries can be complicated by infection, capsular contracture, and unwanted cosmetic results.  Our surgical team specializes in correcting these deformities to restore the breast size and shape you desire.

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

A DIEP (i.e. deep inferior epigastric perforator) flap reconstruction uses the patient’s own abdominal tissue to reconstruct the breast.  The skin and fat is lifted off of the abdominal muscle and transferred to the breast.  With this advanced technique, which is performed by only a few surgeons in the Valley, the patient’s breast are reconstructed without implants using her own abdominal tissue.  As an added bonus since the transferred tissue is from the belly the patient gets a tummy tuck! Also, unlike a TRAM (i.e. transverse rectus adipomyocutaneous) flap reconstruction, the abdominal muscles are not removed decreasing hernias and bulges.
Cosmetic Reconstructive

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a safe and permanent alternative to synthetic fillers that uses liposuction to harvest your excess body fat and transfer it to areas needing soft tissue augmentation.  This powerful technique can be used to reduce wrinkles, correct dark eyes, and large fat transfers can also be used for breast surgery.


Male breasts (i.e. gynecomastia) can be treated using either liposuction, surgical excision, or a combination of the two procedures.  The nipple is preserved and the chest wall is sculpted to remove the appearance of breasts and reveal the underlying pectoral muscles.

Latissimus Muscle Flap

The latissimus muscle is a back muscle and one of the largest muscles of the body.  The muscle can be transferred for reconstruction of the breast or torso.  The latissimus can also be transferred as a free flap for reconstruction of extremity wounds.
Cosmetic Reconstructive


During a mastopexy (i.e. breast lift) procedure droopy nipples (i.e. breast ptosis) and deflated breasts are reshaped to create a more perky appearance.  This procedure is similar to a breast reduction although minimal breast tissue is removed.  A mastopexy is also commonly performed after breast implant removal to remove excess skin.

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a complete transformation of the body.  In this surgery we lift and reshape the breasts with or without an implant.  We also perform a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and tighten the abdominal muscles.
Cosmetic Reconstructive

Scar Revision

Scars from injuries or prior surgeries can be improved with non-surgical options such as skin resurfacing or with surgery to create a finer scar.  Contractures, contour deformities, discoloration, and wide scars can often be significantly improved.

Tissue Expander

A tissue expander is an empty implant that is placed beneath skin and fat to stretch tissue.  Expanders are used commonly in breast reconstruction, burn injuries, and anywhere else where additional skin is needed to fix an injury.